In The Beginning . . .

Locales of a Perfect Storm

The Offenders & Their Methods

Their Underlying Intent

The Aftermath


Still I Rise


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The "Big Picture" Of
The MorganStanleyGate Scandal

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This website provides the "Big Picture" to the complex and multifaceted MorganStanleyGate scandal, and sets the stage to correct this terrible wrongdoing, and prevent its perpetuation on others.  It is analytically dissected and journalistically presented in sections, as noted below:

(1)   Overview → A Summary Of What The MorganStanleyGate Scandal Is All About
(2)   Background → Who The Central Figure Is & What Caused This Scandal
(3)   In The Beginning  → When & How It All Began
(4)   Locales of a Perfect Storm → Where It Occurred & How It Escalated
(5)   The Offenders & Their Methods → Who Is Involved & What They Did (Or Didn't Do)
(6)   Their Underlying Intent → Why They Did This & How They Did So
(7)   The Aftermath → What The Impact Has Been & Who Was Affected
(8)   Resolution → What The Goals Are, How They Will Be Achieved & Why They MUST
(9)   Still I Rise →  How A Poem By Maya Angelou Is Relevant
(10) Websites → Where To Go For More Information At Affiliated Websites
(11) Next  ? → What Are the Next Steps?
(12) EMail → How to Contact Us (click button on the left)

Sections (1) → (6) are told from a third person point of view – thereafter, the narration shifts to the first person due to the personal nature of its content. The recounted events described herein are individually remarkable, and collectively so astonishing, they may seem unbelievable.  Therefore, frequent reference is made to supporting evidence, accessible by clicking on the "hyperlinks" located throughout this website, which are denoted as blue underlined text.
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