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So What Are the
Next Steps?

How to Resolve the MorganStanleyGate Scandal

While not all strategies employed to resolve the MorganStanleyGate scandal are being divulged (for obvious reasons) one such strategy is.  This is because it involves a decidedly public mobilization to help identify and engage four broad types of resources who will play important roles running projects focused on resolving the many elements of this scandal.  


Resources Sought

The broad classification of resources we are looking to identify and engage are: (1) Attorneys; (2) Capital Providers; (3) Financial Advisors; and (4) Public Relations Consultants. And this is where YOU come in, requiring little effort on your part, but offering a potentially significant payday for YOU and your friends, while supporting a host of worthy causes through donations made in YOUR name.  And how do we do this?  Read on.

Social Network Problem Solving

A highly successful Social Networking Mobilization Model developed in December 2009 by a team of post-graduate students at MIT has been adapted to resolve ALL elements of this scandal once and for all.  It involves seven simple steps (listed below) toward potentially making several hundred thousand dollars (NOT an exaggeration) requiring surprisingly little effort on your part.


Here's How It Works
The seven steps are listed below -- each can be accessed in a separate window by clicking on the hyper-linked step:
Step 1 - Background: The background to how this model was developed to win a contest
Step 2 - Purpose: The objectives and the opportunity YOU are presented with
Step 3 - Success: The MANY ways you and your friends can get paid
Step 4 - Projects:  The projects to be run to by those you refer
Step 5 - Registration:  How you and your friends can sign up
Step 6 - Mobilization:  How to increase your chances for a BIG PAYDAY
Step 7 - Payments:  The expected payouts for each project

But Isn't It Too Late?

You may logically ask whether it may be too late to resolve these issues, because many are legal in nature and this scandal commenced in November 2002.  The short answer is NO.  

Virtually ALL of the evidence necessary to prosecute the civil claims is in written form and multiple copies are stored on file servers located around the world, and since EVERYTHING is predicated on FRAUD, associated statutes of limitations are irrelevant.  Moreover, the bank foreclosure fraud and wrongful eviction by Paragon Commercial Bank is blatant and should serve as the starting point for the rest of the house of cards to come tumbling down.


Admittedly, this overview is a lot to take in, and you may have questions.  If so, you can click here for a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), along with hyper-links to the answers.  And you can also pose your own questions.