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"What is the Meaning & Purpose of Life?" is an uplifting and entertaining feel-good blog, which features musings and insights on the quest for happiness through self-actualization.

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The name of this website is an acronym for a well-known phrase of biblical origins -- "Truth Will Set You Free", and provides the "big picture" to MorganStanleyGate.

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The website name is an acronym for "Magna Est Veritas Et Praevalebit", which translates to "truth is mighty and shall prevail".

This website explains the  MorganStanleyGate, scandal: its origins, its impact, and insight into how it will be resolved.

The criminal activities carried out in New York in the cover-up of MorganStanleyGate are also covered here.

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A blog dedicated resolving MorganStanleyGate and exposing those responsible can be accessed here.

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This website is an acronym for Cover-up, Artifice, Bad-Mouthing, Larceny, Eviction & Indictment (in) North Carolina's Heartland, and exposes the criminal activities carried out in North Carolina in an effort to cover-up MorganStanleyGate.

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The latest events associated with the resolution of MorganStanleyGate, and other projects of Spencer C. Young Investments, Inc. can be accessed here.

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This is the official website of Spencer C. Young Investments, Inc., which is the parent company for all investments and related activities.  

This website profiles this privately-owned company, along with information about its eponymous CEO, including his curriculum vitae, educational background, personal side, and philosophical foundation, upon which he relies in business and in life.  

Also included is a review of current projects, which are ALL connected in some way to the "Mother of All Projects", Project MEVEP, where the primary objective is the successful resolution of MorganStanleyGate.

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The official website for The Pit Stop of Durham -- "For Cars, Trucks, Bikes & Hearty Appetites".  This investment property is a specialty retail mall ideally located adjacent to the Research Triangle Park in Durham NC, just off of Interstate 40.  It  is in the midst of being re-branded to support America's love affair with cars, hankering for good food and desire to be a part of a memorable event.  Patrons can "come in for a pit stop" at a variety of automotive service shops and tasty eateries, or a longer visit on select weekends with the many events that will be held (e.g., music concerts, outdoor car shows, go-kart races, 3-on-3 basketball tournaments).

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The official website for The Courtyard of Chapel Hill.  This is a mixed use (retail/office) investment property located on W. Franklin St. in Downtown Chapel Hill.  It is comprised of seven interconnected one-to-three story buildings which form a charming courtyard for outdoor dining, public gatherings and entertainment events.  It is being redeveloped to become a "feel-good" destination property offering: (1) international cuisine (from take out eating in the food court to formal sit down dining in exquisite restaurants) ; (2) cultural enrichment & entertainment  (e.g., art galleries, juried art shows, concerts, wine tastings and thematic celebrations from around the world ; and (3) self-actualization (e.g. yoga / pilates, executive training, learning a second language, musical instruction).

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Videos produced by Spencer C. Young can be found here.

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The personal side of Spencer C. Young can be accessed here after becoming a "friend"

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You are invited to join Spencer C. Young's business network.