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The Aftermath


The Aftermath

What the Impact Has Been
& Who Was Affected

[NOTE:  Due to the highly personal nature of its content,
this section of the exposé is narrated in the first person


The relentless FRESCA crimes, resulted in substantial carnage to my loved ones and collateral damage for many others.  This section summarizes just some of heart-wrenching manifestations of unimaginable pain and suffering brought about by MorganStanleyGate:

Stolen Assets & Unlawfully Deprived A Livelihood

The net worth that has been stolen as a result of MorganStanleyGate is $40 million, including the unlawful taking of what was consistently a seven figure annual income in the five years preceding Morgan Stanley audacious employment fraud, as well as the homes in which Mr. Young's sons were raised.  Unlawful actions were deliberately undertaken to prevent him from providing for his family, including illegally intercepting monies for much needed chemotherapy and radiation treatment for pancreatic cancer that afflicted his wife of 24 years, due to the unrelenting stress caused by Morgan Stanley's dastardly sponsored acts.  Those responsible for this are monsters and MUST be held accountable, civilly and criminally.

Marriage Destroyed & Family Dysfunction

The unrelenting stress of MorganStanleyGate ended up destroying what was before a very strong marriage to my wife, Maria.  Moreover, the emotional impact of a precipitous decline in our living standards, and manipulated impression that I had somehow abandoned my loved ones, resulted in literally tearing apart a once close and loving family, and has caused a vexing estrangement with my older sons (Michael, Kevin & Ryan), whom I love dearly.

Fiancée’s Nervous Breakdown & Kidnapped Son

After the disintegration of my marriage of 24 years to Maria, I tried to start anew, but this happiness was short-lived – for as a result of being unlawfully evicted and rendered homeless on February 2, 2010, in what may be the most brazen foreclosure fraud ever perpetrated,(on mortgage loans that were NEVER late, NOT DELINQUENT, and with regard to my condominium residence PAID-IN-FULL), my fiancée (Leah) suffered a nervous breakdown, terminated our engagement, and continues to suffer from the effects of this unlawful act .  Moreover, I have not seen my then two-year old son (Jackson) since then.

Job Losses by Others 

My loved ones and I are not the only casualties in MorganStanleyGate.  For instance, those involved in Project Atlas (all told, 65 people at the outset) were unlawfully denied an opportunity to pursue a dream. And more recently, Benjamin Construction, the general contractor handling the redevelopment work for both The Courtyard of Chapel Hill and The Pit Stop of Durham was put out of business, and the resultant economic blight created by the commercial sabotage sponsored by Morgan Stanley (and Kirkland & Ellis) that put other tenants out of business, has caused the loss of another 150 jobs . . . and this has nothing to do with the economy and everything to do with MorganStanleyGate.

The Hellish Impact of Fraudsters

In Dante’s classic Inferno, he offers an interpretation of Hell suggesting those who engage in fraud and deceit should endure greater eternal suffering than even murderers.  This is premised on a belief that, by comparison, fraudsters are more detrimental to a society, for their evil can perniciously propagate without restraint like a cancer, and end up causing far more suffering for others over their lifetime of perpetuated evil – I agree. Moreover, as the victim of such fraud and deceit, I empathize with the sentiments expressed in the national media by Dr. William Petit, whose family was viciously massacred in a ghastly home invasion in Cheshire, Connecticut:

“ Evil Destroyed My Family. 

Some may contend my situation is similar to that of Dr. Petit's, in that: (1) the evil acts of others destroyed my families; (2) I will never hear again from my loved ones due to the lasting estrangements that have manifested; (3) the evildoers tried to kill me and (4) I'm deeply saddened by this loss.  Some may even suggest my situation is worse, for my career, livelihood and reputation have also been destroyed.

However, I am fortunate . . . because I can do something about it . . . and I fully intend to get EVERYTHING back, and have far more good come from it than if this nightmare never occurred.  And I will NOT be denied in this pursuit . . .  for such is the power of Truth, and my conviction to overcome something that is incorrigibly EVIL and WRONG in every way, shape and form.