In The Beginning . . .

Locales of a Perfect Storm

The Offenders & Their Methods

Their Underlying Intent

The Aftermath


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The Road to

What The Goals Are,
How Achieved &
Why They MUST

The Goals In Resolving This Scandal


The MorganStanleyGate scandal will be considered resolved when the goals are achieved in the following areas and manner:

Truth -- The Truth is revealed by exposing the audacious lies for what they are and have been -- preferably through admissions by those who propagated them (see "Prosecution" goals);

 Properties -- All residential and corporate owned properties in New York and North Carolina are returned to undo an audacious fraud by "reverse-repossession"; 

 Monies -- Funds are received for restitution from culpable parties who cooperatively admit their guilt, and additionally monies for speculative and punitive damages from those refusing to "name names" or otherwise assist in the investigations;

 Credit -- Personal and corporate credit ratings are reinstated to where they were before the MorganStanleyGate nightmare began;

 Prosecution -- Those responsible for the various transgressions of MorganStanleyGate who fail to admit their roles and publicly express contrition for their misdeeds, are extricated from their positions of influence and duly prosecuted;

 Reputation -- The personal and corporate reputations sullied by MorganStanleyGate are not merely resurrected, but surpassed as a result of launching numerous initiatives to further self-actualization by others; and 

 Relationships -- Harmony is restored in the relationships with ALL loved ones.

How These Goals Will Be Achieved


The approach to untangle this intricate mess, is simple, and will be undertaken in three phases by exposing and prosecuting:

 Phase I -- the most brazen and malicious foreclosure fraud ever perpetrated by a bank, involving executives at Paragon Commercial Bank and attorneys at Poyner & Spruill;
 Phase II -- the conspired efforts by senior executives at Paragon and Wachovia (a subsidiary of Wells Fargo, who was assisted by attorneys at Nelson Mullins), and those involved in an elaborate mix of fraud, sabotage and corruption to cultivate the initial fraudulent foreclosure; and 
 Phase III -- the employment fraud that began the MorganStanleyGate nightmare, and ensuing misdeeds, linking Morgan Stanley's sponsorship of the transgressions of Phases I and II and the prominent role played by Kirkland & Ellis in coordinating many of the illegal activities.

While such damning allegations may seem hard to believe, the evidence pertaining to Phase I is obvious and irrefutable, and will assuredly lead to success in the Phases II and III.  And as this scandal unfolds, the house of cards associated with these criminal activities will come tumbling down on the astonishing number of prominent individuals involved . . . unless, of course, they cooperate in the investigations.

The separate projects that will bring MorganStanleyGate to a favorably resolved conclusion are accessible here, and how the resources are being mobilized to make this happen is accessible here.

Why Resolution Is Imperative


And why is resolving MorganStanleyGate an absolute IMPERATIVE, and of importance to ALL U.S. citizens?

IF:  BANKS were allowed to engage in FRAUD to . . .

 destroy a person’s family, marriage, career and reputation
steal their property via grand larceny
 deny them the ability to earn a livelihood
 foreclose on mortgages NOT in default, NEVER late and PAID-IN-FULL
 deny the right to legal representation so as to foreclose UNCONTESTED
 engage SWAT teams to forcibly evict families from their homes
torture those evicted with relentless electrocutions using 50,000 volt taser guns
 arrest those victimized on fabricated charges ala Changling style
physically and emotionally abuse them, ala Changling style; and
 commit them to a mental ward against their will, ala “Changling” style


THEN:  The CONSEQUENCES would be DIRE, and result in . . .

No Confidence – The public would lose trust in banks;
No Borrowings – No one would dare borrow;
No Economy – The economy would collapse;
No Jobs – Jobs would evaporate; and
No USA – America would cease to exist.

I Didn't Start This Fight . . .


Accordingly, my quest for justice substantially transcends my interests and welfare for my family – for this practice of systematically destroying the lives of others must be exposed, aggressively confronted and stopped.  And in aggressively pursuing the resolution of MorganStanleyGate, I will create jobs and provide significant value-added for many . . . ergo, failure is NOT an option.  Every action I’ve taken to date and will take going forward, until such time MorganStanleyGate is fully resolved, is in response to the unprovoked and unlawful attacks sponsored by Morgan Stanley and carried out by a host of esurient bankers, unethical attorneys and corrupt public officials.

 “I didn’t start this fight . . . but I intend to finish it ! 

– from the movie “Changling”, starring Angelina Jolie