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Overview of

“Power Tends to Corrupt, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”

MorganStanleyGate is a scandal of fraud and corruption involving bankers, attorneys and public officials, whose unlawful actions (motivated by greed) have caused unimaginable suffering for many.  It represents an abuse of power that has infringed on fundamental American rights, assaulted traditional moral values, and mocked the U.S. System of Justice – it is therefore relevant to ALL U.S. citizens.  

As in any fraud, those responsible have endeavored to hide the truth, and because this matter involves $Billions in franchise value and prominent individuals at well-known institutions, extraordinary measures were undertaken in an effort to keep this a “secret wrapped in an enigma and shrouded by mystery” ¹.  But no longer – for the time has come to blow the whistle, and resolve this scandal once and for all.

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whistleblower - 200 x 200.jpg Why "MorganStanleyGate" ?
The moniker for this scandal is derived from its principal sponsor and associated transgressions, which parallel those of Watergate, as follows: 

⇨  The initial misdeed pales to those that followed;
⇨  Extensive criminal activities were employed in the cover-up;
⇨  A “Deep Throat” has been a source of vital information;
⇨  Wire-tapping was involved, including advanced forms of it ² ;
⇨  Endorsements by executives who believe they are above the law;
⇨  The persistence of a few with dogged determination will ensure the “Truth” prevails; and
⇨  Those culpable will eventually resign in disgrace from their positions of influence.

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Precipitous Fall

The central figure is a personable Ivy-league educated businessman, long known for his integrity and core values, who went on to become a beloved family man, respected community leader, successful commercial real estate investor, and pioneering investment banker. Yet the hallmark of this scandal is how such recognizable “success”, cultivated over three decades, could abruptly experience a precipitous fall from grace.  

What could have caused this? . . . Was it alcohol abuse? . . . Perhaps it was a drug addiction? . . . Could it have been the fallout from bizarre behavior brought on by insanity? . . . Was he prosecuted as the purveyor of a Ponzi scheme? . . .  Did he get involved in a cult, or some form of religious extremism?  . . . Or was he a golfer, whose wife caught him "with is pants down", so to speak?

NO – the answer lies entirely in the dark abyss known as MorganStanleyGate.

1  Slightly modified phraseology attributed to Winston Churchill
2  e.g., eavesdropping on cell phone calls, cyber-attacks and tampering with emails