Criminal Indictment of Paragon Commercial Bank and Law Firm of Poyner & Spruill

Fraudulent Eviction & Attempted Assassination By Corrupt Orange County Sheriff SWAT Team

Criminal Bankers & Attorneys Robbing Children of their Homes

Still I Rise




Criminal Indictment

Filed with the North Carolina Dept. of Justice and State Leadership

Against Bankers at Paragon Commercial Bank and Attorneys at Poyner & Spruill

(As Told In The Third Person)

The documents listed below pertain to the "Phase I" initiative toward resolving MorganStanleyGate.  It exposes in painstaking detail (for criminal and civil prosecution) those responsible in carrying out a vicious criminal ASSAULT, predicated on a bombastic FRAUD, and motivated by unbridled GREED.  Most, but not all, of the evidentiary documents have been uploaded and are accessible via hyper-link below -- they are denoted by blue underlined lettering, and exceed 700 pages in aggregate.  Click on any one, and the associated document will presented for your review in a separate window.

 Press Release -- Bank Execs & Attnys Indicted For Fraud -- January 29, 2010

⇨   Indictment -- Filed with the NC Dept. of Justice and Issued to NC Leadership on January 29, 2010

      ⇨   Exhibit I  -- U.S. Senate Committees & Federal Officials Alerted
      ⇨   Exhibit II  -- Evidence of Victim's Good Faith & Business Acumen
      ⇨   Exhibit III -- Evidence of Denial of Due Process
      ⇨   Exhibit IV  -- Evidence of Perjury in Paragon's Response to Regulators
      ⇨   Exhibit V -- Evidence of Relationship Banker's Betrayal
      ⇨   Exhibit VII -- Post Redevelopment Value of Collateral Properties
      ⇨   Exhibit VIII -- Complainant's Expertise in Banking & Mortgages
      ⇨   Exhibit IX -- Greed-Laden Incentives to Poyner & Spruill
      ⇨   Exhibit X -- Proforma Net Worth of Complainant
      ⇨   Exhibit XI -- Evidence of Exemplary Loan Payment History
      ⇨   Exhibit XII -- Evidence Supporting Each Element of Fraud
          ⇨   FRAUD Element # 1 -- Suddenly Rejecting Receipt and Deposit of Rent Remittances from Tenants
          ⇨   FRAUD Element # 2 -- Deliberately Ignoring Instructions to Apply Funds to Ensure All Loans Were Current
          ⇨   FRAUD Element # 3 -- Wiring Monies Out Without Any Basis, Authorization, or Legitimacy
          ⇨   FRAUD Element # 4 -- Declaring Maliciously Orchestrated and Entirely FRAUDULENT Monetary Defaults
          ⇨   FRAUD Element # 5 -- Making Meritless Accelerated Demands for Payment in Full
          ⇨   FRAUD Element # 6 -- Embezzling Income Through Fraudulent Exercise of Assignment of Rents
          ⇨   FRAUD Element # 7 -- Undermining Property Value by Disrupting Property Operations and Commerce
          ⇨   FRAUD Element # 8  -- Defaming Property Owner With Outrageous Lies, and Threatening Tenants
          ⇨   FRAUD Element # 9 -- Negatively Impacting Property Value by Interfering with Leasing Activities
          ⇨   FRAUD Element # 13  -- Preventing Engagement of Legal Counsel in Efforts to Deprive Rights to Due Process
          ⇨   FRAUD Element # 15  -- Secretly Accelerating the Fraud-Induced Appointment of a Receiver
          ⇨   FRAUD Element # 16  -- Denying Reasonable Requests for Adequate Time to Engage Counsel
          ⇨   FRAUD Element #20  -- Undertaking Actions Intending to Cause Homelessness, Destitution and Death
⇨   Exhibit XIII -- Explanation of ACH Transactions
⇨   Exhibit XIV -- Fraud-Based Notice of Eviction
⇨   Exhibit XV -- Inadvertant Admission of Guilt & Efforts to Retract
⇨   Exhibit XVI -- Press Release
⇨   Exhibit XVII  -- Historical Events Justifying Use of Expletives



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